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A Word About Writing: One Author, Seven Questions

An Interview with Bill Roorbach, by Heidi Sistare

Bill Roorbach

Bill Roorbach is a lot of things: novelist, essayist, father, screenwriter, and naturalist. Most of all, he is someone who finds, writes, imagines, and tells good stories. His most recent novel, The Remedy for Love, is a love story set during an apocalyptic snowstorm. He also wrote Life Among Giants, which is in development as an HBO series; Temple Stream, winner of the Maine prize for nonfiction; and many others. I spoke with him about his blog, writing for television, and advice for new writers.

Your Twitter account says you’re a “good writer with bad habits.” What are your writing habits or routines?

I used to be more orderly, but with a kid in the mix and book tours and every other thing life throws at me these days, it’s hard to keep my old schedule of every morning no matter what going.  So now I catch blocks of time whenever and wherever I can.  Drop my daughter at ballet, go to the library across the street. Write for an hour before the dentist appointment, bring laptop along, keep going in the waiting room.  Write in airplanes.  Lots of airplanes.  Write late, late at night when everyone’s asleep. ... Read more

In the Telling

#23: Erin Somers

In our latest installment of the In the Telling series, listen to Erin Somers read “Regret,” which appears in Issue 15: Hope.

Erin Somers was the recipient of the 2013 Neil Shepard Fiction Prize. Her writing has appeared in Green Mountains Review, One Teen Story, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from the... Read more

Encounters in Publishing

#66: An Interview with Poet Lucas Hunt, by Paul Florez

When I was fifteen years old, my dad bought me “How To Be A Gentleman” at Brooks Brothers. I didn’t appreciate the gift at the time, and snarled when he suggested I trade my JNCO jeans for a pair of wool trousers. Sacrilegious!

Now, nearly seventeen years later, the JNCOs are gone and what remains is a weather-beaten copy of... Read more

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